Briggan Krauss

November 3rd, 2008

Briggan Krauss plays with Pigpen & Zony Mash w/ Horns Saturday, November 1
Tractor Tavern

Kicking off the 20-year retrospective of Seattle resident and master composer/
keyboardist Wayne Horvitz is the recreation of two of his most exciting ensembles – Pigpen and Zony Mash with Horns.
Pigpen marked the beginning of a long-term music partnership between Horvitz and alto saxophonist Briggan Krauss. The band also featured bassist Fred Chalenor and drummer Mike Stone, and between 1992 and 1996, Pigpen released four full lengths and one live album as it toured rock clubs across the Pacific Northwest, though it also visited Canada, the east coast, and Europe. As Jeff Daniel described in Pandemonium, “If I had to guess what this was, without looking at the press kit, I would probably say something like, four guys locked into a studio with all this gear, lots of food, LSD, some pot, and a madman with something new to prove. This one’s a keeper!”
Performing “modern electric jazz-funk at its finest” (Jazz Times), Zony Mash made its debut in 1995 as the unofficial house band at the OK Hotel in Seattle. Guided by Horvitz’s unique compositional and harmonic sensibilities, Zony Mash explored psychedelic rock, the blues, and outer space as it released several albums to great critical acclaim. While the initial line-up featured Wayne Horvitz on Hammond B-3 and keyboards, Timothy Young on guitar, Fred Chalenor on bass (later replaced by Keith Lowe), and Andy Roth on drums, Zony Mash will here be augmented by a superb horn section, adding more depth and excitement to an already thrilling ensemble: Ron Miles, cornet; Briggan Krauss, Doug Wieselman, Skerik, saxophones; and Steve Moore, trombone.

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Photograph by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan, a photojournalist specializing in jazz photography, photojournalism and portrait photography for publications and corporations. He is also a Seattle wedding photographer with a subtle, unobtrusive, story-telling approach creating award winning wedding photojournalism ranking him among the best Seattle wedding photographers.

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