Joe Locke Wails on the vibes at the Nordic Heritage Museum on the final night of the Ballard Jazz Festival.

It was such a busy week that I have not had time to post these photos of the Joe Locke performance. What a concert. Sorry for the delay. Joe presented a stellar quintet featuring pianist Darrell Grant,trumpeter Thomas Marriott, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop.






One last shot of Corey on guitar
Soul- jazz guitarist Corey Christiansen opened with a quartet featuring organist Joe Doria, saxophonist Mark Taylor, and drummer Matt Jorgensen. What a great Festival. Matt Jorgensen and John Bishop worked their tails off to present another really enjoyable experience of jazz in the heart of Ballard the heart of Seattle. I can not wait to see what they come up with next year.

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  1. Tom Marcello Says:

    Thanks for the great shots, Daniel!



    Tom Marcello
    Manager / Joe Locke

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