McTuff Trio

October 20th, 2009


Joe Doria, on Hammond B-3, leads on McTuff Trio at Tula’s Monday night with a packed house and  funk and finesse from Joe and Andy Coe on guitar, and D’Vonne Lewis on drums.


Featuring the Hammond organ wizardry of Joe Doria, the impeccable Andy Coe on guitar, and the great D’Vonne Lewis on drums, the McTuff Trio lays down thick, rich grooves with buoyancy and power. Beginning as an ode to some of the organ greats of soul jazz, including Jimmy Smith and Captain Jack McDuff, McTuff quickly took on its own identity. Powered by the collective musicianship, knowledge, and passion of its members, McTuff soon developed into a band that can command almost any audience. Fluctuating between deep funk and soft and surreal improvisation, from swinging soul to metal grind, the McTuff Trio promises to bring joy, excitement, and a wholly unique musical performance.

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