Nate Wooley

October 23rd, 2008

Nate Wooley, playing with
Paul Lytton, Wednesday, October 22

Following the performance of Marilyn Crispell came the duo of premier European percussionist and long-time Crispell collaborator Paul Lytton and the gifted young trumpeter Nate Wooley. As critics Richard Cook and Brian Morton have recognized, Lytton is “one of the drummer-percussionists least bound by the idea of time, rhythm, or determined pulse,” instead favoring “broad, extended areas of sound, opening and unfolding like an anatomist.” With the longstanding trio of Lytton, Barry Guy, and Evan Parker; in Barry Guy’s London Jazz Composers or New Orchestras; and in Guy’s trio with Marilyn Crispell, Lytton has helped define free improvisation for over thirty years. His partner here, New Jersey-based trumpeter Nate Wooley, is a master texturalist, thoughtfully reshaping the listener’s conception of movement, space, and tonality. Wooley regularly performs solo improvisations and has worked regularly with Anthony Braxton, Tony Malaby, and Herb Robertson. Together, as the duo’s MySpace helpfully explains, “We are two people. Paul plays percussion. Nate plays trumpet. We play our instruments at the same time.”

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Photograph by editorial photographer Daniel Sheehan a photojournalist who specializes in portrait photography and photojournalism for publications and corporations. He is also a  wedding photojournalist with a subtle, unobtrusive, story-telling approach creating artistic documentary  Seattle wedding photography.

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