Earshot Jazz Festival presented two groups tonight. At the Chapel Perfoming Space was the Rich Halley Trio + 1 putting out some beautiful and satisfying music. See the rest of the Earshot Jazz Festival Schedule

“The Portland saxophonist and composer returns with his Tap Rack Bang Trio, featuring four veterans of progressive jazz: Vancouver bass stalwart Clyde Reed, and Oregon drummer Carson Halley, plus acclaimed trombonist Michael Vlatkovich. Described as both “freewheeling and satisfying” by DownBeat magazine, Halley has released more than a dozen critically acclaimed recordings and performs in settings that range from solo improvisations to large group explorations.

Signal to Noise points out that “Halley has a knack for writing open melodic themes full of aggressive swing that provide effective structures for freewheeling exploration. [Drummer Dave] Storrs and Reed are masters at propelling the pieces along with an elastic sense of time, moving back and forth from pulsin
g groove to open freedom with relaxed authority.”

For over two decades, Halley was the leader of the Lizard Brothers sextet; he has also led the Multnomah Rhythm Ensemble, a group that combined new jazz with multi-media. The founder of Oregon’s Creative Music Guild, Halley also appears with the Outside Music Ensemble, a four-horn, two-percussionist group that performs acoustically in outdoor settings. He has performed with Andrew Hill, Bobby Bradford, Vinny Golia, Tony Malaby, Julius Hemphill, Michael Bisio, Oliver Lake, Obo Addy, Rob Blakeslee and Bert Wilson.

Bassist Reed is one of the founders of the NOW Orchestra and has performed with Bradford, Golia, Wadada Leo Smith, George Lewis, Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Peter Brotzmann and many leading Canadian musicians. Drummer Halley studied with Bradford at Pomona College and later began playing with his father. He brings contemporary musical sensibilities to the group and has performed with a variety of musicians in jazz and rock groups, including Golia, Shakespeak, The Wayward Trio and Ruby Starfruit.” – Danielle Bias from Earshot Jazz Program. See the rest of the Earshot Jazz Festival Schedule

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