Victor Noriega

December 18th, 2008


Victor Noriega plays with the Paul Rucker Group at The Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center on October, 19th, 2008, during the Earshot Jazz Festival.

Victor played great with Paul Ruckers Group during the Festival. I wanted to get in a photo of him but the Festival schedule was too busy to make before now.

Earshot Jazz described his playing as “Victor Noriega has developed a distinct personal style that is both inventive and adventurous… his piano playing is crisp and articulate, and his compositions fuse Classical and Filipino folk elements with a jazz aesthetic. One moment his playing is reminiscent of the intricate contrapuntal lines in a Bach fugue, and the next the percussive dissonance of Bartok’s music for piano… Listening to Noriega perform is like hearing the pieces of a puzzle come together into a satisfying whole.”

Photograph by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan, a photojournalist  specializing in photojournalism and portrait photography for publications and corporations and a Seattle wedding photographer with an unobtrusive, story-telling approach creating award winning Seattle wedding photography and wedding photojournalism ranked among the best Seattle wedding photographers.

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