Trio M

October 21st, 2009


Trio M throughly entertained them in a playful good way  at the Seattle Asian Art Museum on Tuesday night, as the Earshot Jazz Festival continues. Trio M is a collective of Mark Dresser (bass), Matt Wilson (drums), and Myra Melford (piano). Thanks to thrilling and unpredictable interplay, says Wilson, “the results are spiritually rewarding and remarkably fun to witness.” They were presented in association with Cornish College of the Arts.

Back in 1993, Myra Melford related a story to critic Kevin Whitehead, where she remembered living as a child in a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Illinois. She remembered “weird stuff on the ceiling” and tons of light. “I used to walk around with a mirror in my hand and pretend I was walking on the ceiling,” she recalled. And that’s what will leap out first as Melford plays piano. Your world can be reversed, up becomes down. Clustered chords become long-fingered, steady vibrations. Likewise, an elongated harmonic line can almost explode as you hold it close. She can tussle, tumble, and thunder without ever seeming to leave a melody aside. Her avant-garde outness is a lyrical construct, something that opens the eyes when in reality it’s aimed at the ears. That’s Melford’s muse, the making of space in time, the creation of a landscape out of musical motion. Continue to read at Earshot Festival Guide

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