Wayne Horvitz Band featuring Skerik, Joe Doria & D’Vonne Lewis performed on a beautiful August afternoon in the Bill and Melinda Gates amphitheater at the Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park. Earshot Jazz, which put on the concert as part of its concert series “Art of Jazz“,  describes the sound of the group as “ New York Attitude from Seattle Jazz-Funk Masters”.
I thought it was great hearing Joe on the Hammond B-3 with Wayne on keyboards. Skerik blew real hard and D’Vonne kept a steady and cool beat going. What a beautiful evening performance with fantastic art all around the park. I especially love Richard Serra’s  sculpture “Wave” in the background. The next concert in the Art of Jazz series will be on September 8th with “The Teaching” at the Seattle Art Museum, downtown, 5:30 pm.

As you can see there was a great turnout. I like shooting in this space. I can get pictures unlike any other venue.

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4 Responses to “Wayne Horvitz Band featuring Skerik, Joe Doria & D’Vonne Lewis”

  1. Rachel Rausch Says:

    Very nice. I didn’t know they had music there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loretta Says:

    Although we frequent the Sculpture Park, that was the first time saw music there. Very nice to hang out on the grass with the canines…I see my yellow mutt next to me in the photo.

  3. Wedding Photographers Surrey Says:

    Amazing and fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Excellent work.

  4. Tom Says:

    Been enjoying many of your images this past half-hour. Wanted to point out something you might be aware of already, but in the “audience” shot (the last in the series of Wayne Horvitz Band) you can very clearly see Bill Frisell and his wife Carol enjoying the performance. Kinda cool since I’d just been browsing some of yr shots of BF on various stages.
    Also, love the Richard Serra piece(s) in the background of the first shot. Makes me so glad I live in this magical area that brings all these wonderful things together at once.

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