Wayne Horvitz put together a new group featuring double pianos played by himself and Soren Kjaergaard along with Evan Flory Barnes on bass and D’Vonne Lewis on drums. It was a wonderful performance. So good to hear the two pianos together and Evan and D’Vonne were so right there together again. Looking forward to hearing more from this group.

Fom the Earshot Jazz Festival guide: “By now, pianist Wayne Horvitz has hit just about every musical vein there is. He’s kept it club-ready with Zony Mash and Pigpen – imagining the Meters and a post-punk, post-Naked City tunefulness in two well-loved ensembles. There was the less heralded (perhaps) Varmint, a band built to play Lottie’s Lounge in Columbia City, and then over several albums, Horvitz has dived fully into a chamber-music maze that seems to re-invigorate what was once called the “Third Stream.” The undertow of “A Walk in the Rain” from 2008’s Gravitas Quartet release One Dance Alone comes from Horvitz’s subtle swing and dark-hued piano tones, a skeletal pull, a centimeter-by-centimeter tug that delights between Ron Miles’s trumpet, Peggy Lee’s cello, and Sarah Schoenbeck’s bassoon. – Andrew Bartlett”

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