Brian Marsella (piano, keyboards, balafon), Shanir Blumenkranz (acoustic/electric bass, oud, gimbre), Tim Keiper (drums, percussion), and Cyro Baptista (percussion, vocals) performed Monday at the Triple door for the Earshot Jazz Festival audience.


The iconoclastic Brazilian percussionist, and recent movie scene-stealer (Rachel Getting Married), stretched out in a perfect Day of the Dead celebration. His exuberant band mixes voices and instruments from a dizzying array of cultures, creating a thrilling spectacle for eye and ear. The “musical cannibals” of the ensemble put on an exuberant and engaging performance at one point getting the audience to participant along with the band.


Cyro Baptista’s quartet embodies the philosophy of Anthropofagia, a Brazilian cultural movement from the 1920s. The band “is a musical manifestation of the process of eating, swallowing, and digesting all the tendencies that are part of the sonic landscape and our environment. The music is the product of all sounds that they have collectively consumed over the years; some of them they’ve digested and others they have rejected. After that, it has been difficult to identify what belongs to what country, culture, or religion.”

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