October 28th, 2009


An all-star quintet featuring renowned saxophonist Hadley Caliman, the legendary Curtis Fuller (trombone), Larry Vukovich (piano), Jeff Chambers (bass), and Eddie Marshall (drums) concluded its Pacific Northwest tour in a special tribute concert to the Seattle-based tenor master.


The concert caps a six-city run of performances coordinated by Singer and Simpson Productions, celebrating Caliman’s lifetime contributions to American jazz music by featuring an outstanding ensemble of artists to perform with Caliman, who has played, recorded and toured with a list of luminaries, including Gerald Wilson, Dexter Gordon, Elvin Jones, Bobby Hutcherson, and Freddie Hubbard, among many others.



  1. Brad Riesau Says:

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw Hadley play was at the Catamaran in Pacific Beach (San Diego) as part of Freddie Hubbard’s band. It was mid 70s and Freddie’s birthday no actually it was Ron Dinifu from KSDS’s birthday, I believe and the place and the band were swingin’. Hadley was BURNIN’ all set. At one point, Freddie asked a young saxist named Hollis Gentry to come up on stage to play on “Confirmation” at a ridiculous tempo. Hollis ripped into a long Tranesque, expansion with circular breathing and every other trick in the book. Smokin’ Freddie of course, cartooned behind him puffing out his cheeks and all. They Hadley followed with one of the most seriously heavy solos of the night and Freddie just stood there shaking his head. Ridiculous fun.

  2. Brad Riesau Says:

    Great photos by the way. Thanks.

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