Jay Thomas


Earshot Jazz Festival continued with the Jay Thomas Double Trio consisting of Atsushi Ikeda (alto sax), Yasuhiro Kohama (tenor sax), Daisuke Kurata (drums), Jay Thomas (trumpet), John Hansen (piano), and Phil Sparks (bass). playing at Tula’s Sunday night.


This scalding-hot jazz sextet, featuring players from Japan and Seattle, wowed audiences when it made its Seattle debut at City Hall three years ago. The East/West Double Trio is a group of musicians determined to create fresh new jazz for the 21st century and a revitalized cultural connection between Japan and the U.S.
The spirit of the ensemble, of bringing diverse peoples together to play music, is a natural fit with these gifted players. Taken together, the band is impassioned, hard-swinging, inspiring, and more often than not, on fire!


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