Marcin Wasilewski Trio

November 11th, 2008


Looking back over the festival photos, I want to post some additional pictures from concerts that there are lots of good photographs but there was  little time or room to post more than one or two on the night of the performance.

This shot of the Marcin Wasilewski Trio performing at the Triple Door Saturday, November 1, at the Triple Door is one of the first that came to mind. As Earshot Jazz Magazine described them:

“One of the most refreshing ensembles in contemporary jazz, the piano trio of Marcin Wasilewski, Slawomir Kurkiewicz, and Michal Miskiewicz have come a long way since its formation in Poland fifteen years ago. Having developed at the young age of sixteen what would be a long-standing relationship with compatriot and acclaimed-trumpeter Tomasz StaÅ„ko, Wasilewski, and his trio, has exhibited incredible growth that has been tangible nearly every step of the way. Contributing greatly to several of StaÅ„ko’s most sublime records, and now seeking success as an autonomous unit, the Wasilewski Trio is a force on the international jazz scene, and it is certain to bring something remarkable to Seattle.
As Wasilewski reported to All About Jazz, “The music is always evolving; I don’t know when it will stop, but I hope never.” Similarly, StaÅ„ko testified that “in the entire history of Polish jazz we’ve never had a band like this one. They just keep getting better and better.” Indeed, with invigorating energy, demonstrated sensitivity and communicativeness, and a great love for adventure, the Wasilewski Trio comes to Seattle at the peak of its power – thus far.”


Photograph by Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan, a photojournalist specializing in portrait photography, jazz photography, and photojournalism for publications and corporations and a Seattle wedding photographer with an unobtrusive, story-telling approach creating award winning Seattle wedding photography.

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