Here is another overdue photograph from the Earshot Jazz Festival. The Teaching performed at the Triple Door on October 27th. Featuring keyboardist Josh Rawlings, bassist Evan Flory-Barnes, and and percussionist Jeremy Jones, The Teaching creates immersive and infectious improvised music as no one else in Seattle is making it. The trio formed in 2006, growing exclusively from the chemistry the band discovered on stage. The band’s philosophical trajectory was more clearly defined, as the trio shared the rather grand interest in sharing the teachings of mankind, while also fostering a musical environment of “devotion, surrender, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and joy to direct the flow of the music.”
Musically, The Teaching revels in spontaneity, jumping off in any number of directions (hip-hop, jazz, R&B, soul, Afro-Cuban, drum n’ bass) on a whim, while controlling momentum and pacing with great precision. Josh Rawlings’ sparkling, luscious chords (affectionately dubbed “kraws” by those in the community familiar with the man), Flory-Barnes’ explosive swing and inventive technique, and Jones’ ferocious drumming are the trademark sounds of the band. More recently, spontaneous vocals and devotional chanting have added greater depth to the trio’s sound. It is quite magical when it all comes together, and here the band does indeed create “music that has no limits,” as Rawlings told Earshot Jazz in an interview during the summer of 2009.
Having now released their self-titled debut studio album and a live DVD, and having won the Golden Ear for 2009 NW Acoustic Jazz Group of the Year, The Teaching is poised to reach a larger audience than ever with their celebratory music and their message of community. Effortlessly enjoyable, but not wanting for intelligence.

Photography by Seattle photographer Michael Craft.

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